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Follow up questions on hair shedding for other users and the hairmax folks

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  • Follow up questions on hair shedding for other users and the hairmax folks

    I am hoping that someone can update me on answers to this question. Once hairloss starts due to laser shedding, how long does it seem to keep going? And what has happened for you if it stopped.

    In Dec., at dermatologist's suggestion, I began using women's rogaine and hairmax laser comb. Almost immediately, I went from thinning hair with minimal shedding noticeable to largescale hair fallout. I stopped using both products (only used the laser comb 3 times), but hair is continuing to fall and it now seems to be increasing. I am easily losing a hundred or more with simple combing with wide tooth comb over sink. Many hairs are wispy, but some are "normal" -- and they are now falling from sides and back as well as top. In just a few weeks, I've gone from thin hair to lots of revealed scalp and greatly thinned bangs, as well.

    I'm freaked out and don't want to even leave my house anymore. So, users: What have you experienced? What can I expect?

    As for the hairmax company response: i already have read the standard answers, but want something more from your comments. Like: is there any evidence that the comb works LESS WELL for those who shed badly initially? Is there a correlation between levels of shed and levels of long term success?

    And, if I cease using the comb permanently, can I reasonably expect that my shedding will slow again and that I will at least regrow some of the thin and regular hairs that were lost? ON AVERAGE, how long does it take for shedding to slow using the comb? Quitting the comb? Users, what have you experienced?

    Finally, I am experiencing an ongoing tingling in my scalp and I'm very aware of the remaining hair on my head (feels kind of like feathers!). I also feel a kind of pinchiness in my scalp and it seems like when i get a pinchy feeling, another bunch of hair will fall out shortly thereafter. Is it possible that the hairmax comb INJURED my follicles? I used it 3 x as directed in the literature (slowing moving it a half inch at a time using the 4 second timer and working first front to back and then bottom to top. I think each treatment I did lasted about 15 - 20 minutes.) Users, anyone else have this experience?

    Thank you, everyone, in advance for your responses.

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    Hairmax Lasercomb And Shedding

    Hi Missingmyhair -

    Thank you for your post.

    To begin with, each individual who uses the HairMax reacts in different ways and at different times so results are not predicitable nor is time to realize results predictable.

    The HairMax does not cause permanent hair fallout, rather it stimulates the fine, wispy, telogen to shed to allow terminal hair to regrow in its place. There is also no correlation between amount of hair shed to measurement of success. Remember that you have over 100,000 hairs on your head so while you are noticing a lot of shedding, there are a lot of hairs left on your head.

    We have to continually stress that the best advice to users of the HairMax is to continue to use the HairMax for at least 6 months to judge final results. Your hair loss may be resulting from initial use of the HairMax which is a good sign that the device is beginning to work, or you could be in the normal shedding phase of the whole hair cycle.

    A tingling sensation of the scalp when using the device is normal and can result from an increase in blood supply to your scalp. The laser energy of the HairMax will never damage hair follicles - regular use promotes healthier follicles.

    Finally, it is important to remember that use of the HairMax may be helping you to retain the hair that you have and stopping regular use of the device may lead to even more shedding.

    Please be patient when using the HairMax and give it time to work. As we have always said, hair shedding is not caused by the device, but is a sign that the device is working. When you stop using the HairMax your hair will return to its normal shedding cycle, which may be worse than it is when you use the device.

    We wish you success in your continued use of the HairMax LaserComb.

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