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  • LaserComb versus HairPro

    LaserComb vs. HairPro? There's no comparison!

    Since the LaserComb was introduced in 2001, a number of copycat products have appeared on the market representing themselves as laser hair devices. Do not be fooled by these cheap imitations. We have dedicated years of extensive research to ensure that we offer the most effective treatment. The HairMax LaserComb is truly the only device worth considering for the reasons outlined below.

    Although the HairMax LaserComb costs more, bear in mind that you often "get what you pay for". There are many factors that need to be considered, such as efficacy, quality and longevity. If you were to purchase a poorly manufactured, Chinese-made device that, after months of dedicated treatment, does not produce results and is not nearly as efficient, are you really saving any money? The HairMax LaserComb is a precision instrument manufactured by hand in the United States. Under normal conditions, the original LaserComb should last 10-15 years and provide maximum benefits. The HairPro is made in China. It would be false economies to purchase a product of substandard quality that cannot be as effective or have the same durability.

    An essential design feature of the LaserComb is the mechanism employed to deliver laser energy to the scalp – namely, the teeth of the comb. These teeth methodically plow and part the hair, allowing the laser light to directly bathe the scalp. If the hair were not parted, treatment efficacy would be compromised because your hair would filter out the laser energy. The HairPro does not contain teeth.

    The HairPro proudly boasts that their device contains 36 LED ”stimulators”, however we find this claim misleading for several reasons. We opened the device and discovered there are actually only 4 LEDs. Additionally, there is no true “stimulating” or “massaging” effect as described. Most importantly, in an effort to stay ahead of the industry Lexington designed, built, and tested a few devices utilizing LED technology. Our research was conclusive that LEDs did not affect Photo-Bio-Stimulation, the science behind our product. We scrapped the LED project and only support low-level laser therapy, such as provided by the LaserComb, which has been proven to be effective.

    The lasers used in our product produce coherent energy. Coherent energy is visible by a speckling effect and is essential for Photo-Bio-Stimulation. We measured the output of the HairPro and it only delivered 5 mill watts of light energy total. The HairMax LaserComb produces 5 times this amount of laser energy.

    The “In the News” page on the HairPro website refers to the amazing technology of laser therapy, not the HairPro specifically. But please look carefully. The HairMax LaserComb was the actual and real product featured in Time Magazine’s "Inventions of the Year “ and the Dateline NBC study ( As a consumer why would you want to utilize a product that not only imitates our design, but also USES OUR ADVERTISEMENTS AND POSITIVE PRESS TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES! We also find it quite interesting that before their product was even available, they had posted testimonials and before and after shots on their site.

    We offer a full 20-week money back guarantee on our original LaserComb. The Viatek website (makers of the HairPro) states that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This does not offer you sufficient time to even assess whether or not the treatment is effective. It normally takes an average of 12 weeks to begin seeing results.

    The LaserComb is CE compliant, ISO certified for safety, has been issued a medical license from Health Canada and complies with the US CDRH requirements for laser safety. Additionally, Lexington International is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Be sure to ask HairPro when and where did they conduct their studies? Ask HairPro if they are CE compliant or ISO certified? Ask them if they have any type of certification whatsoever!

    It may interest you to know that we have recently introduced the SE model to combat against these imitation products that provides the same power strength (beam for beam) as our original model, yet at a more affordable price.

    Take advantage of our money back guarantee and try the original LaserComb for yourself.

    - Angela
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