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Typical hair loss per day

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  • Typical hair loss per day

    How many hairs does a Healthy head of harl lose per day, do those hairs grow back?

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    Average Hair Loss

    Hi Brian -

    Thank you for your post.

    A healthy head of hair sheds about 50 - 100 hairs a day. This is part of the normal cycle of hair growth where hair grows, falls out and then rests before growing a new hair again. The cycle is a long one and people with healthy hair have about 100,000 hairs on their head so the growth cycle assures that you do not usually notice this daily hair loss.

    However, in those individuals with pattern baldness, the hair cycle is interupted so that hair loss becomes noticable. This is when it is the time to purchase the HairMax - at the earliest stage of hair loss.



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