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20th Week Report.

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  • 20th Week Report.

    Hey LAS,

    I was hoping to get an honest answer from you.
    I saw you have answered to some other posts but not mine.
    I have androgenetic alopecia and I wanted to know . . .

    If there is a follicle that tends to close and die . . . that process will not be stopped even if I am using HairMax LaserComb right ?

    Is transplant the only solution ?

    Thank You.


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    Hairmax Lasercomb Efficacy

    Hi StefynRain -

    Thank you for your post -

    Many hair follicles in the scalp die rather than going into a miniaturized or vellus state. Once this occurs, the HairMax LaserComb will NOT grow hair in those sites.

    For best results, that is why it is recommended to use the HairMax at the earliest sign of hair loss before follicles stop functioning.

    If hair follicles stop functioning then the only answer is in fact a hair transplant to restore hair.

    We wish you continued success with the HairMax LaserComb.

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