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HairMax LaserComb Featured on Dr. Oz TV Show

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  • HairMax LaserComb Featured on Dr. Oz TV Show

    Lexington Int’l is pleased to announce that on a segment of the Dr. Oz show televised on October 22, 2010 on hair loss in women, the lasercomb featured and discussed was in fact the HairMax LaserComb®. The HairMax LaserComb is the only home use laser phototherapy device with published proof of efficacy and is also the only device of its kind to have FDA Clearance for marketing for the promotion of hair growth in males. As mentioned on the show, the HairMax helps to provide the building blocks and energy necessary to transform weakened hair follicles which stimulates them to grow healthy, more vibrant hair.

    While the HairMax presently has clearance for marketing for males with certain classes of male pattern baldness, clinical studies on the use of the HairMax in females were recently completed and preliminary results, clearly show that the device is effective in promoting hair growth and cessation of hair loss in women with certain classes of androgenic alopecia.

    Also, on the segment was a dermatologist who featured a hair building fiber product that blends and statically cling to existing hair to hide any receding or areas or bald patches. While the product shown was not manufactured by Lexington, the company does manufacture a product for hair loss concealment, the HairMax Hair Fibers™ which are available in 8 blendable colors. This product can be purchased on the web site

    We are pleased to see that in the segment discussing hair loss in women on the Dr. Oz show the lasercomb device shown, was the HairMax LaserComb because the HairMax is the ONLY device of its kind on the market that has been proven to work and has FDA Clearance for marketing. In the ten years that the HairMax has been on the market, thousands of women have chosen to use the device to successfully treat their hair loss condition. We hope that this segment which featured the HairMax LaserComb will make many more individuals with this condition aware that there is an effective medical device on the market that actually works to treat hereditary hair loss.

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