Landmark HairMax LaserComb Clinical Study Results Published, Proving Efficacy and Safety In Treating Hair Loss

The results of 4 clinical studies conclusively proving the efficacy and safety of the HairMax LaserComb was published in a peer review medical journal in April 2014 and here is a summation of the article.

"The results of four clinical studies on the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss with the HairMax LaserComb, was just published today in a peer-review journal, The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. The article, Efficacy and Safety of a Low-level Laser Device in the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Multicenter, Randomized, Sham Device-controlled, Double-blind Study was co-authored by renowned experts in the field of hair disorders. The results of these studies have now provided robust and conclusive evidence that the HairMax LaserComb is both effective and safe for the treatment of pattern hair loss in men and women.

This is the link to the clinical article:

The four clinical studies were conducted under strict Good Clinical Practice Guidelines at multiple study sites, including major teaching institutions of dermatology such as the Cleveland Clinic, University of Minnesota and University of Miami. Enrolled in the study were 225 males and females diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss). Subjects received either the HairMax LaserComb or a sham (inactive) device in a randomized, blinded manner so that no one knew which device they were on. The primary efficacy analysis was based on the change in hair count after 26 weeks treatment with the HairMax LaserComb, compared to change in hair count with the sham (inactive) device.

The results of the studies showed that there was an average increase in terminal hair count of over 20 hairs per cm² (equivalent to over 139 hairs per square inch). Additionally, a higher percentage of lasercomb-treated subjects reported overall improvement in hair loss condition and thickness and fullness of hair in self-assessment, compared with sham-treated subjects. No serious adverse events were reported in any subject receiving the lasercomb in any of the studies.

The authors concluded that: “Our results suggest that low-level laser treatment may be an effective option to treat pattern hair loss in men and women”. They also concluded that “Low Level Laser Therapy [LLLT] may provide a promising treatment option for patients who do not respond to either finasteride or minoxidil, and who do not want to undergo hair transplantation.”

The authors also had this overall observation: “…… while topical minoxidil solution or foam is widely used to treat pattern hair loss and is generally well tolerated, the treatment needs to be applied one or twice daily, and be in contact with the scalp for at least 4 hours. Such application can be impractical for many users, leading to noncompliance and reduced efficacy. As an alternative, the lasercomb treatment is safe and easy to apply, with 8-15 minutes of treatment three times per week, and leaves no residue on the scalp. Such user friendliness of the lasercomb may lead to better patient compliance and improved efficacy.”

Dr. Lawrence Schachner, Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine of the University of Miami, and senior author of the article said: “The results of these clinical studies provide further evidence that the HairMax LaserComb may be utilized as an effective option for treating androgenetic alopecia in men and women.”

You can view a video of the lead author of the clinical paper, Dr. Lawrence Schachner and Dr. Joquin Jimenez discussing the clinical paper at this link:
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the dread shed?

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  • the dread shed?

    Well, I have just completed my 5th week with the laser comb today. I think it does seem to make my hair "stand up" more as I have heard others say, not necessarily thicker, but fluffed up and fuller-appearing. A few friends and family have commented that they see a thickness around my roots, or that my hair looks fuller.
    I don't know myself though. All I have really noticed is the "standing up" of the hair. But that fact makes me think that something is going on up there on my head with this comb, and it is encouragement to keep going.

    However this past week I have begun to notice what I think is an increase in shedding. I am a little nervous about it. Could it be from the comb? Maybe it is a good thing and these falling hairs will grow back even thicker under the therapy of the comb.......boy I hope so.
    Also it is just springtime where I live, and I always shed a little more hair in the spring and fall, so perhaps this shed has nothing to do with the comb.

    I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who has experienced something similar while using the comb.

    ~L. E.

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    Don't dread the shed, it's the good sign that the LaserComb has activated your hair and a new crop is on the way! You didn't thin in a month, so hang in there, improvements are on the way!


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      I have the same problem of shedding after using LC...

      I have the same prpblem of shdding after using LC for three weeks. How long will the shedding last? I am kind of worried about it, though I do have noticed some new fine hair grow in my frontal.


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        I've seen an increase in shedding too, ever since I started using the comb 5 weeks ago. I keep hoping that perhaps my hair has to get worse before it can get better, but I'm worried that the shedding won't slow down and I'll end up worse off than when I started... Are there any other females out there who have experienced this?


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          Hair shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. After a hair reaches maturity and separates from the hair root, it remains in the follicle until a new hair begins to grow. This Telogen Phase or 'resting phase' can be a period of up to 100 days. During this time, you can shed that hair by simple brushing, showering or running your fingers through your hair. This is part of the natural hair growth cycle whether you are thinning or not.

          You will see a mention on the minoxidil website describing a brief period of increased shedding when you first begin using the product. With products that increase hair growth, the resting phase is shorter and the new hair comes in sooner and may cause hair in the resting phase to shed sooner. Naturally, this hair is new growth (Anagen Phase or 'growth phase') so it will not become visible for several days until it grows long enough to be seen coming out of the follicle. Since hair grows approximately one centimeter per month, it will take 3 or 4 months to grow to a length of 1 - 2 inches. Obviously, a hair that is 2 inches in length is more visible and covers more scalp. This is the simple explanation as to why you might see a small increase in shedding for a few weeks and why users see definite improvements in their hair after using the LaserComb for 12 to 20 weeks.

          The end result of using the LaserComb is thicker, healthier hair over time.


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            will the hair be getting thicker as it grows out aswell? or does it only thicken after it grows out?


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              sorry that last post didnt make as much sense as it could have.
              I mean will the hair thicken while its still growing aswell. or does it only thicken after it has fallen out and grown again.


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                There was a study done that shows the tensile strength of the hair to be greatly increased with use of the LaserComb. While the study did not gather data on the hair shaft diameter, it did gather data on how much force it takes to pull the hair and make it break. If you consider a hair shaft of lesser diameter will break before a hair shaft of greater diameter (as a thin rope of the same material will break before a thicker rope) then this should be the case with thicker/thinner hair.
                For a link to the study go to:


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                  So has the shedding stopped or is it still continuing? Also have you seen hair begin to grow in areas of shedding? Seems like a common occurrance even with propecia. Still a drag to go through.


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                    gugabug...any news?
                    wha's going on?


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                      Well now, it has been a few months since I first posted this. My shed has...well I must say my shed has become normal as I am not losing more hair than what would be considered a normal amount.
                      It is very hard to tell because as I am sure so many of you know, once you become aware of your thinning hair you become much more sensitive of it . I am not thinning at a noticeable rate, at least that is for certain. I cannot honestly tell if the lasercomb has assisted me with my hair-loss or not.
                      However, that being said, on days that i use the comb I do notice an increased managebility, and yes, I do continue to use the comb regularly.
                      Nothing in the research I have done can disprove the value of the laser comb. I cannot absolutely prove the value of the lasercomb, nor can I disprove it, therefore I continue the therapy it may provide.
                      I have resolved to start a Rogaine therapy treatment in addition to the comb, as I have heard accounts of women quite satisfied with using a combo of the lasercomb and Rogaine in conjunction with eachother.
                      If there is any interest with my continuing treatment I will gladly answer any comments or emails that come my way. I am always an open book. Don't be afraid to ask me anything you choose.

                      So to summarize: I do not belive the lasercomb has increased any hair loss, due to shedding, other than a brief period of time, which I can attribute to any hairloss treatment regimen. In fact, I think it may contribute to a better managibility on the days that i do use it, and I have decided to add Rogaine(minoxidil) to boost any potential results.

                      To Amelie: please email me if you choose at:, I did notice an increase in shedding, but it has subsided to a normal amount, I believe. Dave L. has given you accurate info as far as I know. I am happy to chat about hairloss and my experiences with it, as well as my experiances with the lasercomb. Good luck with your own struggle. Remember I am AlLWAYS here for ANYONE who needs advice or wants to chat.

                      As always,

                      ~ gug
                      (a.k.a. L.E. White)


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                        there are soooo many posts on the message board about shedding and can understand the concern.

                        However, if you guys are experiencing shedding, then you should celebrate, go out on the town, buy some wine, whatever, just be happy.

                        Shedding simply means that it's working. Propecia and Rogaine usually cause shedding as well, and information that comes with those products also says that you may experience shedding, why because it's working.

                        I know it's hard to ignore the shedding, but just try to get through it, you will be happy with the results. I'm more than happy, and the results are far beyond anything I could have hoped for and I only use the Lasercomb itself with no other products. I have now been using the Lasercomb for 1 year and 6 months.


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                          Dear Frailey,

                          Thank you for your encouraging comments about "shedding", and your continued success with our product after one year plus of treatment. You are right in saying that if a person is seeing an increase in shedding, they should not be alarmed. The hair follicles are in fact reacting to the laser light energy, and that is in fact a good sign.

                          I would like to speak with you personally. Can you please send me an email to discuss an upcoming infomercial we will be having on success stories with our product at, or call me at (866)527-3726, or (561)417-0200.

                          I look forward to hearing from you.

                          Sonia Flecha
                          Sales Manager
                          Lexington Int'l


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                            Hello guys. I am reporting back after 17 weeks of usage. I must tell you that yes I am still experiencing a very agressive shed, but on the possitive side I have little baby hairs growing along my hair line and my left temple's hair is getting ticker. I am using the laser comb three times a week and I will continue to do so. My hairloss is not noticeable yet (only around my hairline). I hope it gets better soon.

                            I would like to ask frailey91 how long did his hairloss last since I am going for my fourth month with a lot of shedding and I wanted to know if this is normal. I stress that I see new hairs along my hairline but it hast taken them a while to come out.

                            Thank you and I will keep you posted.




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                              Here's my regimen:

                              My shed did not really start to end until the 5th or 6th month. After the 6th month, my hair stopped shedding and my hair/scalp improvement really started to kick in and hasn't stopped, but began to slow down a few months ago. If my hair showed no more improvement, I would be happy just to maintain my present condition.

                              Okay, here's the regimen that I have followed over the last 1.5 years:

                              I use the comb about 2-3 days a week. I still try to use it 3 times a week, but with my schedule, it seems that I use it 3 times one week, and then 2 the next, and vice versa.

                              When I use the comb, it's usually in the evening, and I always wash my hair and then dry it right before using the lasercomb so that my scalp is clean. For about the first year, I did use Nizoral shampoo and let it sit on my hair for about 5 minutes prior to use, but I have no idea if it helped or not. Now I rarely use Nizoral shampoo, but I do use a shampoo that is supposed to clean the scalp.

                              Also, I wash my hair everyday because it gets oily. However now that my hair thickness has increases, my scalp does not get as oily as it used to. Also, the shampoo I use contains the normal cleanser Sodium Lauyrel Sulfate. I've read posts that say you should not wash your hair everyday or use shampoo that contains S.L.S. , however personally I don't think it matters.

                              Also, when I use the lasercomb, it takes me about 30 mintutes. I know this is much longer then what is stated in the literature for the lasercomb, but I find it impossible for me to make two complete passes over my entire scalp in 10 minutes. Also, I move the comb foward about 1/4 an inch which is less then the 1/2 inch in the instructions.

                              Also, when I use the Lasercomb, I go in a foward and backward motion, therefore one pass from front to back makes is the same as two complete passes. For example, I would leave the comb in place on a spot for 5 seconds, then move foward 1/4 an inch, then move back 1/4 inch (which then covers the original spot twice), then move foward 1/4 inch (covers this place twice) then move forward 1/4 inch, then move forward another 1/4 inch, then move back 1/4, etc etc etc.

                              I also use a digital timer and move everytime 5 seconds pass and use a mirror so that I know I am staying in a straight line with every pass. I wish I had one of the new lasercombs with the built in digital timer that beeps every 5 seconds! It takes me 3 passes to cover the whole top of the head from front to back. I then take 2 passes on each side up to the hair line.

                              I usually use the comb on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, and Saturday if I am able to use it for 3 times that week. Every once and a while, I have only used it once a week and a few times I went a couple weeks without using it at all with no detrimental effects.

                              Hope this helps


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