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  • Hair Shedding QUestion

    I have been faithfully using the hairmax laser comb since November, giving me a use time of 8 months. I am still shedding hair.

    I've asked before, but havent gotten a clear answer as to how to descern the supposed sign that hair max is working "shedding of thin velous hairs" from the sign of male pattern hair loss, which is of course, the "shedding of thin, velous hairs"

    I guess I should say, at 8 months, should I concede, that with thinner hair now than 8 months ago, that Hairmax just wont work for me? Or is regrowth still a chance?

    If so, are there any refunds I can go ahead with now that we are past the 6 month point?

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Hairmax Lasercomb And Shedding

    Hi rudeboy237 -

    Thank you for your post.

    When using the HairMax LaserComb, regrowth of 20% of more of hair is a sign of success. However, this is sometimes hard to visualize. Also, hair goes through lengthy cycles of growth, shedding, resting and growth so you may also be in the shedding cycle.

    Our recommendation is to continue to use the HairMax LaserComb indefinitely to see evidence of increased overall hair health. However, if you wish to discuss return of the device, please call Customer Service, 1-866-527-3726.

    We wish you success with the HairMax LaserComb with continued use.



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      Thank you for your reply,

      I suppose the 2 most important questions would be these

      1. Now at 8 months, should I expect to see anymore regrowth?

      2. How does one determine the difference between the shedding of velous hairs in precession to new growth, and the shedding of velous hairs in precession to permanent loss?


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        Hairmax Lasercomb And Hair Regrowth

        There is no way to predict individual results with the HairMax LaserComb as each person reacts differently. We do recommend using the device indefinitely to help restore and maintain hair health.

        There is also no way to tell the difference in shed telogen hair as there is no difference between hair shed naturally or from the actions of the HairMax LaserComb. The HairMax will help shed the telogen hair and convert it to anagen, or thicker and denser hair. This may be hard to see as a 20% increase in thickness is considered significant. Over time you should see your hair thicken up and become more healthly overall.

        We wish you continued success with the HairMax LaserComb.



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