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  • hair growth question

    Hello, I have a question about hair growth. I can see every time I finish washing my hair, my scalp looks dry. Will hair still be able to grow with the Hairmax even though my scalp is dry? I wash my hair every other day and use a natural shampoo and conditioner.

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    Hairmax Lasercomb Efficacy

    Hi hairmaxuser23 -

    Thank you for your post.

    The HairMax LaserComb will work on your hair even if it is dry. However, you should re-evaluate the shampoo you are using to assure that it is not leaving your hair in a more fragile condition which could cause breakage. There are many products out there that treat dry hair. You might want to try the HairMax Shampoo and Conditioner that are availabe on the web site, which are designed to work well with the HairMax.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax Lasercomb.


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