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HairMax with hair transplant

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  • HairMax with hair transplant

    I have recently purchased HairMax 12 Pro and have few question on how best to use it.
    I had a FUT hair transplant about a month and half ago and started using monoxide 5% about 20 days ago.
    I went threw the initial shedding after transplant and holding my breath on the result as I've been told I should expect to see some results about 3 to 4 months after transplant.
    The transplanted area is on my front hairline about 2.5 inch wide. The rest of my head is quit bold including the crown.
    I've been told i would need one or two more transplants to cover the rest.
    I am hoping not to go threw an other transplant and maximise my chances and try to regrow my own hair.
    Have you had any query regarding using HairMax after transplant and how would you recommend using it ?
    I would like to use it daily as it is no issue for me. Is there any harm using it daily ?



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    Hairmax lasercomb after transplant

    Hi James -

    Thank you for your post.

    There should be no harm in using the HairMax LaserComb after hair transplantation if your follicles are still viable. That said, you must consult your doctor as to whether it is OK to begin using the HairMax LaserComb at the point you are at, to be sure that the teeth device on the HairMax will not harm the new implanted follicles. Many doctors use the HairMax LaserComb without the teeth device to speed healing after treatment, but you are now in the later stages of healing.

    So, once your doctor gives you the OK, you can begin using the HairMax LaserComb but ONLY 3 TIMES A WEEK AND NOT DAILY as you can over-stimulate the follicles which can prevent hair growth, and in about 12 weeks you will know if it is working for you.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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