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  • Here are my facts!

    I have used proscar & minoxidil in the past. I am somewhat thin on top. Many balding men would pay thousands for what I have left & many thousands wouldn’t be paid to have what I have left. Having said that, proscar gave me the ***ual side affects & minoxidil have me rapid heart rate which took me awhile to figure out that’s what was doing it. I was pretty upset because the 5 % was actually doing a pretty good job. Of course it is a pain to apply and I shaved my head to make it easier. Very ironic (wanting hair but shaving my head to get better results.)

    Now that the part you may find interesting.

    I used the last comb for approximately 6 months and didn’t really notice all that much of a difference. So I started back with the 5% and that is when I came to the conclusion that me felling tired and having rapid heart beats was the monoxidil. I had to stop putting it on. Well probably about a year went by and I wasnt using monoxidil or the comb. I wasn’t using anything and my hair was starting to look pretty bad. I was cleaning out my closet and came across the comb and put it in the pile of things to throw away. Knowing that it cost me $600 I decided not to throw it out and sat down that night a re-read the directions. I noticed something that night that really didnt seem to jump out at me before & in the directions it states to use the comb on a clean scalp. I had never done that before, I used it before I went to bed. So I thought I might as well try to do it in the morning when my scalp is clean before the greasy build up comes around. It has made a 100% difference. I am not going to say that my hair looks like Elvis Presley’s but I will say that having a clean scalp is just as important has actually using the comb. Hope this helps somebody.

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    5% Solution - Similar Reaction

    I was one of the original guys going to a Dr for 2%. All I noticed was shedding slowed, but no regrowth. My hair looked pretty bad though. Then I switched to 5%. By then I could get it at the drugstore w/o a script or Dr visit. After a few weeks I noticed I was lightheaded. I thought I had a tumor or something, I couldn't keep my mind on daily tasks. Then I thought of the 5% stuff. I stopped using it, and the lightheadedness went away.


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