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  • 9th months

    I'm at the 9th months of using LC, I only see the different of hair texure overall , I also support it with vitamin, fruits, and spinach. My hair look shinier and black (I regularly give rosemary). The question is now is it true if the each hair strain getting thicker my hair would look thinner overall? because recently I noticed so many fine hair sheds, very thin ones and short. I just wondering is it because I stopped the provillus topical treatment (minoxidil) or it's the sign that LC has been working?? Is it miniaturized hair after I stopped provillus or it because LC is regrowing new hair but very fine and now fall to regrow another thicker ones?

    How can we tell if the fine hair that sheds are good sign or not?

    I've been using LC everyday, some days the shedding is little but some other days sheds like around 30, but I don't see any regrow much. I know some people say 50-100 sheds is normal but I think it depends how much your hair on your head, for me 30 is a lot. but I must say LC stop shedding, but now I concern about the fine hair that sheds and not much regrow =(( please help me

    best regards

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    Hair Shedding Cycle

    Hi Lin2 -

    Thank you for your post.

    It is important for you to realize that your hair is constantly going through the normal growth, shed, rest, growth cycle whether you are using the HairMax or not. The HairMax does not interupt these cycles once your anagen or thicker terminal hairs have been stimulated to grow, so it sounds like you are having normal cycle shedding. A normal scalp contains about 100,000hairs so losing some in the cycle should not be problematical.

    Our best advice is to continue to use the HairMax as you have been doing and you will continue to see improvement in your overall hair appearance.

    We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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