We received this actual testimonial from a very satisfied user and it will be appearing in Men's Journal.

1. Francisco, 29 years old, Dallas, Texas

2. My hair started to generally become thinner when I turned 18, but I had no interest in treating it then. Later I started noticing the disappearance of hair at my temples--something lots of men see anyhow. However, the turning point came one morning when I realized that I basically was developing an increasingly narrow peninsula of hair at the front of my head. It was becoming more difficult to manage and comb, so I decided to do something about it. I wasn't bald, but I was certainly on my way to having hair that would only look good if it were buzzed.

3. I started to use Hairmax in January of this year. The directions said to use it for 15 minutes three times per week. I actually use the comb for about twenty minutes and focus mainly on the areas where my hair is thinning the most. It's easy to use if you're doing something else like watching t.v. or reading.

4. The results have been very impressive. Within about two weeks the general thickness and waviness of my hair came back. My hair feels stronger and is much easier to style in the mornings before work. I noticed that my hair is more shiny and healthy-looking, and even my hairstylist commented on the change. I also saw problem spots above my temples filling in with new hair that I could feel initially as little hair sprouts that later grew into mature, healthy locks. It was also very telling to me that whenever I missed a week of using the comb, my hair started to thin again gradually, which told me how important regular use of the comb is to retain the results. I rarely see dead hairs on my pillow or in the bathroom anymore. Most of all, I'm much more confident now. I am no longer worried about arranging my hair in a funny style to hide thinning spots. They're basically filled in now with natural, healthy hair.

5. Prior to using the comb, I had used Propecia for three months, but it diminished my *** drive and made my erections look pathetic. Additionally, I had concerns about how it changed my hormones in ways that some people said could affect your mood and mental health. No thanks. I love that Hairmax is a treatment that works right where you need it: on your head alone. I was on my way to being mostly bald, but this comb is giving me back my youthful looks. My younger brother who is starting to lose hair recently noticed my hair and asked, "Bro, how do you get your hair to look so thick?" I definitely have a birthday present in mind for him.


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