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Question - women with thin hair

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  • Question - women with thin hair

    hi, i'm not really experiencing hairloss, but i have always shed more than normal and my hair is definitely not thick. i would love to reduce the shedding and increase the thickness of my hair. will this product help me? or is it really just for people who are truly losing their hair? i'd love to have thicker hair and i worry what will happen as i grow older.

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    Hair Max Lasercomb And Thinning Hair

    Hi lekret -

    Thank you for your post.

    While the HairMax only has FDA clearance for treating hair loss and thinning hair in males at the present time, many women have chosen to use the device for thinning hair and have reported good results in improving overall hair health and a reduction in thinning of their hair.

    We suggest that you check out the website, and decided for yourself if the HairMax would be right for you.



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