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post menopausal hair loss

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  • post menopausal hair loss

    You do not state in research results the age ranges that may get the most benefit from this product. Does this product work statistically as well for the 60 year old as it does for the 25 year old. How effective was it for post menopausal hair loss as opposed to alopecia from another condition?

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    Hairmax lasercomb usage in females

    Hi ladydi -

    Thank you for your post.

    The clinical studies for the HairMax LaserComb were conducted on female subjects between the ages of 21-61. In analysing the results of the studies in androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss), there was no age related difference in response to the HairMax. The clinical studies were only conducted in females with mild to moderate hair loss, though.

    Post menopausal hair loss and thinning which is related to hormonal changes, mimics androgenetic alopecia so that the HairMax has been found to be effective in thickening hair and helping to restore overall hair health in women with this condition. Other types of hair loss such as that caused by stress or many other conditions can be effectively treated to restore hair health with the HairMax, providing the underlying cause of the hair loss has been eliminated.

    We invite you to visit the HairMax web site, where you will find lots of information on the treatment of female pattern hair loss and testimonials from women who have used the HairMax to treat their hair loss condition.

    I hope that this has answered your question and that you will consider the HairMax to treat your condition.


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