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I quit minoxidil cold turkey, and now...

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  • I quit minoxidil cold turkey, and now...

    Hey folks, just wanna say thanks to all the posters, especially the people with the success stories, cause it really does keep me hopeful.

    I started the comb in April and had been using minoxidil since about March. I was only using minox once a day. Then around the start of August I decided to quit minox cold turkey. ( I know, I know, I really didnt think this very well through). Now I feel like the state of my hair is the worst its ever been, I have shocking dandruff. I feel like Ive set myself back, but I thought this would probably happen, and that there would be a shed period which I think Im experiencing now,. And then after this readjustment period, ( maybe 3 months or so) I could look at it like I was starting again, with my only treatment being the comb. Do you understand what I mean? I havent stopped using the comb and I will continue 3x a week for 15 mins.

    Anyway I just wanna know if anybody has experienced something similar? Quitting minox suddenly and then getting crazy dandruff and a shed. Im hoping with conitinued use of the lasercomb, the next wave of hair that grows through will be healthier. I miss having healthy thick shiney hair, it used to even have a curl to it. Right now at the front it just looks like dying straw

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    Thanks and keep the faith (even if my post is kind of a bummer )


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    Dear Smokey Joe,

    Hello and thank you for your post. You yourself have pointed out why you have had such an impact on the condition of your scalp. Cold Turkey! Yup, thats right that is exactly why. Stopping one product and starting up another is certainly a reason for this reaction. As to the dandruff, continue your treatment with the LaserComb as it has helped normalize the scalp for people with itchy, oily, and or dry scalps.

    Please call me direct, I would like to send you our new line of HairCare products at (866)527-3726 or (561)417-0200 from 9:00am to 5:00pm eastern time.



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      I don´t think Minoxidil can have any possitive use for hair. In my case probably it was only a way to lose money, as well as pills with Finasteride. I Decided to stop using/taking all that stuff and started with the comb about 1 year ago.

      In the beginning it was wonderful, I started to see an improvement in my hair but now I´m kind of depressed because it seems that it´s not helping any more or I´m in the very dreaded shedding phase. In some other words, I´m losing much hair and the amount of remaining hairs has diminished considerably.

      All I can say is that my hair is not as oily as it was before using the comb and I use it 3x a week per 15 min.


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        I also used to use Rogaine years ago and I decided to quit one day. When I quit Rogaine, the Lasercomb was not available. I experienced the same thing: My hair was the worst it had ever been, limp and lifeless, falling out, bad scalp, etc.

        Just stick it out, it will improve. I know it's hard to get through, but it will get better, trust me. At least you have the Lasercomb to help you, when I quit Rogaine back in 98, I did not use anything else. At least you have the lasercomb to help you.

        Just think of it like this: For me, applying Rogaine twice a day every day was hell, I hated the stuff. It was messy, it dried out my scalp. It was hard to style my hair because I applied it everywhere and I had to let it dry, couldn't blow dry my hair. Also, the fact of applying a chemical to my head everyday (and you know some of it is being absorbed into your bloodstream) what are the long term effects of this. At least with the lasercomb, there are no chemicals, you don't have to use it every day, and you only pay for the lasercomb once. With Rogaine, you have to buy it every month for the rest of your life. The lasercomb is a one time purchase and far cheaper over time.

        stick with your decision, stay off the Rogaine, things will improve


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          Well......Reading the negative comments about Minoxidil here I must post a defence of this treatment....Minoxidil 2% of course is basically useless...However 5% minoxidil is a little better..but still not the greatest....I myself use Dr.Lee's 15% Minoxidil solution and I must say that this stuff rocks.....I know applying the minoxidil during the day is a major downer..It makes your hair greasy and it just feels Horrible.....With the 15% I just apply it at bedtime and wash it out at in the morning.....Also for my treatment, I take a Proscar (5mg) tablet once every morning....I have been taking Proscar for going on 12 years now with zero side is a very safe drug......I recently purchased a Laser comb which I have added to my regimen..... It might seem like a lot of different products.....proscar in the morning, 15% at night, laser comb 3 times a week....but I have saved my hair which has also saved my life........I really think that using several products together actually is a major big advantage than using either of the three I mentioned separately.....Good Luck!


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            LC and Rogain - my experience

            I too would like to share my experience on this topic.

            I bought my LC Sept 2003 and at the time was also using Rogain for many many years. Although, not always 2X's a day as required, sometimes only at night, I too also hated the stuff! However, I had great results from about 5 months on, with the combination of the two, LC and Rogain. Then the following year Sept 2004, I decided to wein myself off the Rogain because I really really hated the stuff and how it made my hair feel.

   I set myself back or what! I stuck it out for 4 months, lots of hair coming out about an almond size ball everytime I wash my hair, every other day. My feeling was that I would expect some hair loss and after about 4 mths of shedding the shedding would stop and then wait 4 or 5 mths again for the LC to do the job by itself. It would essentially be like starting all over again, with LC alone.

            I made it through the 4 mths of shedding but was getting so depressed trying to cover up my scalp once again...I thought... oh no! I can't deal with this again! I threw in the towel and bought Rogain once again

            I didn't feel like I could deal with all that hair loss again. After having such great results with using both treatments, I wasn't willing to wait any longer to see if my little experiment would work. I have gained a new found respect for Rogain and I'm using it 2X's a day like I'm suppose to and LC 2X's a week. I've been back on my regime since Jan 30 2005 (2 mths) and what a difference, I can see my hair getting thicker weekly.

            I'm at home, so I use Rogain first thing in the morning wait at least 4 hours before I wash it out. That way, I don't have to deal with it when I'm trying to style my hair for the day and then I apply again at night. When I came off the Rogain back in 2004, I went back to 3X's a week with the LC but now I'm back to 2X's a week.

            Having said all that, I would like to point out that my results with Rogain alone all those years before I started using the LC never satisfied me. I think the combination of both treatments for me has been awesome.



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              Combo Treatment

              Dear JanH,

              Hello and thank you for your post. We are very glad to hear about your positive experience with the LaserComb. You are one of an increasing amount of people who are finding our product to be useful in creating healthier and fuller looking hair.

              As for your experience with Rogaine, we prefer not to comment on the use of other hair loss treatments or one’s specific condition. However, it sounds as though your results became more evident to you when you started using the LaserComb in conjunction with your normal “regimen.” This is definitely no coincidence, and seems to confirm, as you have indicated, that the LaserComb has helped your hair in a positive way.

              Congratulations on seeing results from the LaserComb, and be sure to continue your treatment as it will only ensure your continued satisfaction with your hair.

              Lexington Int'l
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