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  • Hairmax lasercomb with other products

    We have received a number of inquiries regarding the use of other products with the HairMax LaserComb.

    If someone is treating their hair loss with the HairMax LaserComb and feels that he/she is not getting the results they are looking for, other products can be added. Any product containing can be used to 'boost' results, as the mechanism of action of minoxidil is different than the HairMax. Many doctors use this combination regimen as they believe a synergy results in treatment, i.e. 1 + 1 = 3.

    Using other products that have ingredients that they claim helps in restoring hair can also be added to your regimen and they can help boost results. The bottom line is that the HairMax LaserComb can be used in any combination treatment a person wishes to do.

    Hair loss is a very difficult to treat, and results of treatment with the HairMax LaserComb varies from individual to individual. Exhaustive clinical studies have shown that the device works well in regrowing hair when used alone, but in some cases a person may want to add another treatment and this can help further. People should be taking vitamins designed to support hair growth, an a good shampoo without sulfites. We offer products to improve overall hair health in our HairMax for density line:, which includes an activator which can boost the efficacy of the HairMax LaserComb.

    We wish all of you success in the treatment of your hair loss with the HairMax LaserComb.


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