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Hairmax lux 9 in use with other products

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  • Hairmax lux 9 in use with other products

    hi i have the lux 9 model which i use every 3 days.Also taking generic finisteride everyday.
    I also have REGAINE for men extra strength minoxidil 5% solution that is recommended every 12 hours.(I normally use this in the night time)
    I have Foligaine shampoo that i use in the mornings as it has 2% Minoxidil solution in it & it does not affect going out with hair prepared
    I also use Nizoral shampoo mon wed friday(in the evening during a shower)after my hair has dried properly i then apply regaine solution.
    I have recently bought a foligaine roller.
    I also have alpecin hybrid shampoo which i use very rarely.
    My hair is thin around the temples & also the "widows peak" area.
    I've been taking the tablets about a year & a lot of these products along side them too.
    i haven't seen any new hair growth in all this time but i havent lost a lot either.
    Can someone help me arrange all these products for me in a way for me to use them efficiently.
    And trying to include the roller into my regime.
    Any advice & ideas would be good.
    Also sometimes i struggle to stick to the 12 hour plan for applying the minoxidil solution due to varying longer times in my work days

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    Hairmax and other hair growth products

    Hi Stem -

    Thank you for your post.

    You seem to be taking everything imaginable for your hair loss. I would suggest that you have your physician who wrote the prescription for finasteride, to advise you on which products to use and at what frequency.

    If by now you are not experiencing any hair growth, a review by your physician is recommended as to how to proceed.

    We wish you success in your treatment.


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