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  • New to Laser max with pics

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to purchase the Hairmax this week but before I do I am really scared of losing more hair at start of using the Hairmax, I have heard many stories regarding the initial shedding and I am worried that if this happens to me I will be very sad and upset and may stop using the device.

    Here are my pictures of my hair do you people think I really need the Hairmax Thanks

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    Candidates For The Hairmax Lasercomb

    Hi berbatov9 -

    Thank you for your post and pictures.

    Judging from photographs, you are an ideal candidate for the HairMax LaserComb since you are in the classical early stages of hair loss, thinning on the crown, thinning at the hair line. This is when the HairMax works best.

    That said, if you do purchase the HairMax and begin therapy you will probably notice more shedding than usual in that you fine miniaturized hairs will be lost, making way for new thicker, terminal hair.- this is a sign that the HairMax is beginning to work.

    As has been said countless times, the HairMax does not cause hair loss, the device only produces hair loss due to replacement of the telegon hairs with thicker terminal hairs and this can take up to 6 months. Rather than shedding occurring with random hairs in the natural course of the hair cycle, the HairMax stimulates many hairs and they shed together so you see more hair fallout.

    We hope that you will purchase the HairMax and be on your way to restoring the hair you have lost and most importantly, help to prevent further hair loss over time.



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