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Hairmax for Women & damage from chemical or bleaching

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  • Hairmax for Women & damage from chemical or bleaching

    I am 23 who has suffered some bleaching damage to my hair (i.e., a "chemical haircut"). The bleach damage was about 9 months ago and I have had regrowth but it's awkward because the contrast between my very long hair with the regrowth is very noticeable (esp. around the hairline).

    I was wondering if the hairmax will be good for just speeding up the process of regrowing hair for me seeing that I am not suffering from male patterned baldness or female patterned baldness.

    I am also very concern about the initial shedding, I would prefer to not lose a lot of hair due to upsetting my scalp's current equilibrium.

    Also, will the comb's lasers have a difficult time penetrating to my scalp because I do have a full head of hair?


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    Hairmax Lasercomb And Overall Hair Health

    Hi vnene27 -

    Thank you for your post.

    The HairMax LaserComb has been used by many people to improve overall hair health. By using the HairMax for a full 20 weeks, you should see an overall improvement in the appearance of your hair.

    If you do not have hereditary hair loss, you should not experience any initial shedding of your hair. That said, if you do see some shedding, that is not permanent and eventually your hair will grow back.

    You can use the HairMax for a full 20 weeks and if not satisfied with results can return the device for a refund (less a 20% restocking charge) so you have nothing to lose.

    As far as using the HairMax with long hair, simply hold your hair out from your head and by using the device with the comb teeth, the laser energy will reach your scalp to take effect.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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