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Thread: progress, but what now?

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    Default progress, but what now?

    Just wanted to share with you some success ive had recently with the lasercomb and ask your advice on my useage.

    I purchased the comb I think in about 2005. I used it as directed for about 6 months without any noticeable improvement or change so put it in the wardrobe and forgot about it and decided to stick with my current meds which have slowed my hairloss but with slight deterioration.

    About a year ago my mother started losing her hair as a result of taking drugs to treat Rheaumatoid Arthritus, she only used it once a week when washing her hair and had very noticeable results which proved to me that it actually does work.

    So at the beginning of October this year I decided to start using it again and got in the habbit of using it every day (not sure what you think on this?) I am pleased to report that ive seen some pleasing results which other people have even commented on, I guess wearing my hair very short makes progress easier to spot, of course i'm delighted so far with the results and somewhat surprised.

    I am of course worried that my progress will disappear as quickly as it came so do you think I should continue with the daily use? will it do any harm as it clearly works for me? Is it likely to cause an almighty shed?

    Would appreciate your thoughts and wanted to give you some positive feedback.


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    Default Hairmax Lasercomb Use

    Hi Bosworth -

    Thank you for your post.

    You have a very interesting success story about the HairMax LaserComb.

    We have consistently pointed out that each individual will respond differently to the HairMax and there is no precise formula for how and when the device will begin to work. It is important to realize that the HairMax not only promotes hair growth, but also helps individuals to keep the hair they have. That is why it is so important to use the device on a regular basis. We have found that the HairMax only has to be used every other day rather than every day, since use every day has not shown any advantage, but this is up to you.

    We recommend that you continue to use the HairMax every other day indefinitely so that not only will results continue as such use will prevent further hair loss. Any further shedding you may see is an indication that the HairMax is working in replacing fine wispy with thicker terminal hair so just continue use.

    We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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