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    I read a similar topic below, but I just want to make sure. I'm also leaving on vacation, for 1 month. I've been using the Lasercomb for 3 months now, without any results.

    Would it be catastrophic if I stopped the treatment for 1 month? When I start over again, when I come back, will it be like starting from scratch?

    Also, is the Lasercomb fragile, or is it OK to just pack it between your clothes? 'Cause we all know how those baggage handlers can throw our luggage in airports...

    But I'd really rather leave it at home. I'll be sort of backpacking, and I'm scared to carry a 1000$ product at all times, you know?

    Thanks. Ciao.

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    Dear Young /N receding,

    Hello as I stated previously. It is imperative that you continue your treatment in order to maintain your benefits. If you stop your hair may regress. To tell you how much would be inappropriate as each individual varies. Minimum usage, once you have achieved the results you are looking for is twice a week.

    The LaserComb weighs aproximately 1 lb. It is sturdy enough to pack in between your clothes. However, if you are not comfortable with that then take it in the vanity case.

    Lexington Int'l

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    I responed to a similar topic earlier and gave my 'go ahead', but I personally think that 1 month is too long. It would be different if you have been using the come for a year or if it was for only a week or so, but you have only been using the come or three months, so I think 1 month off is way too long at this point.

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    It's soooo annoying at how long it takes for posts to be approved, even positive posts.

    I know that Lexington has posted their reasoning for approving posts, but I still do not agree: The post approval process makes some people think that Lexington is trying to hide something. Even though I have had fantastic results from the Lasercomb, I would like to see the negative posts as well. Of course, posts that advertise something should not be allowed.

    Anyway, the only reason I bring this up is because I have had great results with the lasercomb and I have been trying to convice a few friends of mine to buy one and try it out. However, two of them told me that the only thing stopping them is the process of approving posts for the message board. They both said to me, "You say the Lasercomb works great, but I can't trust the company if they won't allow all posts to go onto the message board, and it seems like the company is trying to hide the negatives and only show the positives"

    Anyway, you see my point: I know the lasercomb works great, but I wonder how many 'potential' customers you lose from this message board process of approving posts? I think people would trust your product a lot more if they could post without having to wait for 3 days to see their message, IF AT ALL.


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    Thanks for posting. We try our best to get all posts up within a day or so. Weekends are another matter. We also try to respond to questions in a timely manner. We intend to implement a 'major category' structure over the next few weeks or months to help streamline this process. We will have a 'sticky' at the head of each category that will help new readers get answers to their questions in a more timely manner.
    There are hundreds of postings that go back years on all topics but most new visitors don't bother to go back very far to research their topics of concerns so we often get a blizzard of questions on the same topic, often repeating the same questions and comments.
    I know how frustrating it is when you have a problem with a computer or software and go to the manufacturer's website for some information on your particular problem. They don't even bother to respond personally, so from that comparison, you have to give us some credit for trying to answer all questions personally and honestly.
    Unfortunately, there seems to be some spammers who take joy in posting misinformation and are just out to cause damage to the site. They also are often selling other products and provide misinformation so real people interested in real information can't get it thanks to the spam postings. Because of that, posts can't just go up unmonitored.
    Stick with us, we're trying to provide honest answers within the limits of FCC, FDA and BBB guidelines and that takes time.

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