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    Is it normal not feel any tingling when I use the LC? And is it okay I use it everyday, any side effect on using it everyday? cause I'm not sure enoug the 15 minutes covers the whole scalp long enough, and when I use it on the wet hair , I don't want to shedding more since wet hair are fragile, I only use it on certain area. which one is better result use it on wet hair or dry hair??
    thanx for posting this and answer this questions, it's been hard to post anything here

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    Hi lin2 -

    We are glad that you have been able to post on the Forum and we thank you for communicating with all of us.

    It is not necessary to use the HairMax every day to get maximal results - 3 times a week is sufficient and it should only take 10 -15 minutes to cover your scalp at 4 second intervals at each site. It also makes no difference if you use the HairMax on wet or dry scalp so long as you part the hair with the teeth on the device and expose your scalp to the laser energy.

    Finally, you do not have to feel anything such as tingling when using the HairMax - as long as you use the device as described above and have some patience, you will see results.

    We wish you continued success with the HairMax LaserComb.


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