i purchased my hairmax laser comb about 3 and a half months ago to help regrow my receeding hairline and to thicken hair. im a 23 year old male - im not bald but people have made comments it wont be long before i lose it! ive havent experienced any regrowth in the temple areas yet just a few random hairs in central forehead area. i will stick with hairmax as i know i should give it at least 6 months before i can judge if it works. do you suggest i just spend more time on the temple areas for regrowth?

i really want to regrow the temple areas and thicken it all up. ive just recently tried saw palmetto to aid the regowth and i might stick with this as i hear good things. im open to other vitamin options if any one has any to help regrowing my hair. i use head and shoulders endurance shampoo but im not sure if this good for the hairline? it does thicken my hair and removes dandruff - does anyone reccomend any other shampoo for helping regrowing my hair. so basically i need tips about using hairmax laser comb, vitamins and shampoo to aid my use of hairmax. i would really appreciate some some feed back asap!