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Thread: New Models Of The Hairmax Lasercomb

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    Default New Models Of The Hairmax Lasercomb

    We have recently introduced new models of the HairMax LaserComb into non-US international markets. The new devices have either 7, 9, 12 laser beams and are called the HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7, the HairMax Lux 9, and the HairMax LaserComb Professional 12 models. They all have the same laser energy as the devices sold in the United States.

    These models ARE NOT available yet in the United States as we have to go through the regulatory process to bring them to market.

    The presently marketed HairMax LaserComb Premium in the US, is the same model that was the given FDA Clearance to Market. So, you can continue to buy the HairMax LaserComb Premium in the United States with confidence that the device is the same efficacious model we have always marketed.

    (The HairMax LaserComb Premium model is NOT available for sale on our website outside of the United States, so the 9 beam model to order if you live outside of the US is the Hairmax LaserComb Lux 9).

    We do not know when we will be able to introduce these new models for sale in the United States, as the launch of these models in the United States might not occur until next year, but will inform you when we do.


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