Hi all,

I have been using the laser comb since late last August, so itís been just about 7 months now. I'm 25 and my hair has only started to thin so I thought Iíd be pro active about it before it got bad. To be honest I havenít been noticing any new growth yet. I know itís early still but I was trying to think of any reason for this and I was wondering if it could be the fact that I purchased my comb in the USA.

I'm from Ireland and I bought the comb last time I was in the states. I was just curious if there would be a different versions of the comb issued in the states and Europe. I assumed that it would be ok to buy one when I was over there as they can be purchased on the website for users in Europe. I just now thought of the fact that there may be different versions with regards to voltage ratings etc, because I know that the mains voltage differs in Europe and America. Any incite anybody had on this issue would be appreciated