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    i notice that in all of the video's it is mainly 40-60yrs old woman using laser comb, now i think that laser comb can work yes, but i would like like your opinion on why a 25yrs NW2+ that has lost hair over a 2-4 year period could maintain and regrow hair, still using the comb as much as a woman that has been losing hair for over 20yrs, some younger males like myself on forums notice changes in their hair regularly, and generally have far worse hairloss then most woman, particularly the one on video's to promote laser comb, i understand you have suffered from hair loss but from what i read on your homepage you are in your mid 30's and suffered from slight thinning on the crown and top not temple area which is one of the big problems, from my knowledge so far i would agree that 40+ adults can really benifit, or younger people with mild hair loss, but you do not address 20-30 with mild+ hairloss that need regular maintainance, can you tell me of your experience with this age group and degree of hairloss

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    Thank you for the posting.

    There were no particular reasons why the news reports had people mainly in their 40s to '60s. I guess this is just a coincidence of who was in the office at the time of filming.

    Our main target market is man in their 20s to 30's and we've had great success with user satisfaction for men in this age bracket.

    I would say that our clients are 70 percent man and 30 percent woman. Out of the 70 percent man about 1/3 are between the ages of 20 to 30 about another 1/3 percent between 30 to 40. With the remaining third between 40 to 80. It has been interesting to us that we've had great feedback from man in their late '60s to 80's.

    Regards, David Michaels

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    On 03/03/02 Patrick mentions a video that shows some of your clients who have used the laser comb. I would like to see this, Where is this video?

    Also, PAtrick also mentioned that you did NOT experience thinning at your front hairline and temple only the crown area. IS this true?

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