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Thread: I bought Hairmax but is it right for me?

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    Default I bought Hairmax but is it right for me?

    Hello everyone. I recently bought the hairmax and started using it two days ago. After buying the device and looking through the user manual I found certain things that concerned me. Here are few of my concerned.
    1. I am Asian-Indian. My skin type can be seen in the picture I am posting with this thread. I get dark in the sun but I don't burn. Will hairmax work on my skin type?
    2. I can't figure out what type of hair loss I am going thru. My hair looks thicker when dry but the pictures were taken after shower. What type of hair loss am I having. I know hairmax wouldn't work on certain types. Is hairmax right for my type of hair loss?
    3. According to instruction on how to use hairmax, users suppoed to use it every other day, 3 times a, Wed, Fri. So does this mean skip Sat and Sun and start process all over again on Monday? Or should users use it every other day?
    Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if there is a good chance for seeing good result from using hairmax.
    Thank you for you help in advance.
    Pictures of my baldness:

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    Default Hairmax Lasercomb Efficacy

    Hi Novemberrain81 -

    Thank you for your post and pictures -

    First of all, judging from the pictures you enclosed, you are an ideal candidate for the HairMax and have the best chance of success as you have thinning areas and appear to be starting treatment early. Use of the HairMax will help to restore hair lost, improve overall hair health, and help you keep the hair your have. Be sure to give the device a full 20 weeks of use before judging final results.

    Also, judging from the pictures your skin type looks fine for use of the HairMax.

    As to application instructions; as long as you use the HairMax 3 times within a week for 10 -15 minutes at each session, you are applying enough laser energy to stimulate hair growth.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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