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Thread: 4,5 months evaluation

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    Default 4,5 months evaluation

    Dear Moderator,

    I have been using the hairmax continuously for 4,5 months now. After the 2nd week of usage my hair was more manageable. In the 4th week of usage i started to have shedded heavily for 2 weeks. It looks now still like all the hairs that i lost did not come back and I can easily pull hairs out of my head what i did not had before. My friends say my hair look thinner, then before using the Hairmax.

    Is the positive effect and the regrowth of lost hair due to the hairmax still possible? And is this normal? Because, at the moment i am thinking of quieting the unsuccessful treatment so far.


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    Default Hairmax Lasercomb And Hair Loss

    Hi Arnte -

    Thank you for your post.

    As we have said a number of times before, the HairMax does not CAUSE hair loss. Rather, the HairMax causes those hairs that would fall out at random times to shed together so the hair loss is more noticable. We suspect that what you are experiencing is a progression of your males pattern baldness. Hair loss can progress while under treatment with the HairMax, however, it is important to realize that the HairMax not only promotes hair regrowth, but also prevents hair loss and slows down the process. Therefore, it is possible if you discontinue the use of the HairMax, your hair loss would be much more severe and you will experience more hair loss than you are now experiencing.

    We recommend that you continue to use the HairMax and perhaps also use a product that combats thinning hair as the two in combination may thicken you hair more than each one used alone. Over time, the HairMax can continue to exert its effect and help you maintain the hair that your have.

    We wish you continued success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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