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    So I've been using this comb religiously for six months. If shedding is an inclination that the comb is working then great. My question is... at what point does the new hair start to grow in? I'm getting very thin on the top and am starting to lose hair in the temple area as well. So far the only thing I see happening is that my baldness has been accelerating. Should I continue or give up?

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    Hi fitmanat47 -

    Thank you for your post.

    It is important to realize that the HairMax not only helps to regrow hair, but also helps prevent further hair loss. It is possible that the HairMax is slowing down the shedding of your hair and if you stop the HairMax your hair shedding may increase. You might want to try stopping the HairMax and if your hair loss increases over what it was when using the HairMax, then you could go back to using the device.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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