Let's say the top of my head has about 50,000 hairs and out of those hairs there are approximately 15000 thinning hairs within those 50,000 hairs, so my question is; Will all of those 15,000 hairs fall out during the initial shed and then start growing thicker hairs? Or, will only the hairs that are in the resting phase fall out during the initial shed? I'm worried that I will go bald until the new thicker hairs start growing out. Currently, nobody can tell that I have some thinning hairs on the top of my head and some people would think I'm crazy for considering using the product, but only I can tell the diffrence from when I was 20 and now (23). Would it be a benefit for me to use the comb to just prevent future hairloss, or should I not risk going thinner due to the initial shed? Your answers are very much appreciated