Hi everyone,

Thought I would share my experiences. 39 year old male, hairline had receeded about an inch or so from my early twenties, but other than that, no real hair loss, so wasn't really worried, pretty normal eh? then about 18 months ago, started to notice an overall thinning of the top of my hair - yikes!! Brights lights etc made it very apparent that I was in another phase of hair loss, and I realised that if the top of my head thinned for a prolonged period, I was going to have a real issue here. Did a lot of research on the web and decided on a two-pronged attach:

1) Laser Comb (3 times per week) to promote growth
2) Dutasteride (5 tablets per week) to reduce DHT which causes baldness

Started both early January 2010, so have been treating for about 11 months. I'll tell you this, the laser comb had a very weird effect on my hair from about two weeks in, I had quite a lot of hair when I started, it was just a lot thinner and limper than it had been a few years back, but I found that the laser comb seemed to make it "stand on end", give it a bit of oomph, bit like the effect of a hair dryer. I was quite suspicious, as it was prob too early to have any medical results, so I kinda took it with a pinch of salt, but my hair definately looked "healthier". Then after about 3-4 months, that effect all dissapperaed, my hair looked very limp and thin again, and I was dissapointed, but I didn't stop treatment, I kept at it, I was committed to giving it a full year. Now, after 11 months of treatment , my hair is much much thicker on top, there is no hint of any thinning on top at all, anywhere, even under the same bright lights inside the lift at work, or at my barbers chair. My hair has a totally different, healthier, thicker look to it from 11 months ago.

Folks, from my experiences, the laser comb works, you have to keep at it, and you will go through times when you think it isn't working, but if you have thin hair, the laser comb can thicken it. Im convinced it doesn't really grow any "new" hair, but any hair that you do have will grow quicker, thicker and for longer and hence your hair will improve. How much of the improvement was the laser comb, and how much was Dutasteride, I don;t know, don't really care, it makes sense to use them together, and for me, I got what I wanted.

One more thing, I always used the laser comb after coming out the shower, when my hair was wet, I believed that because the scalp was more visible when wet, it would get better light coverage. I also thought that absorbtion of the light might be improved due to the "magnifying glass" effect of water. Dont know if this did help, but it certainly didn't do me any harm!

Hope this helps anybody using or thinking of using the comb.