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Thread: Hairmax Comb vs. In-House Laser? Product Combos?

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    Default Hairmax Comb vs. In-House Laser? Product Combos?

    Hi there, I'm thinking of paying £1300 (about $2000) for a Laser Hair Treatment Programme which comes with their own approved (they say) Minoxidil, DHT Blockers, Shampoo/Conditioners and 12 Months of In-House Laser Treatment. (No Propecia but I could buy it myself)

    I also own a Hair Max Lasercomb, so I'm wondering how the Hairmax combs effectiveness compares to In-House Laser treatment? Is it worth paying the £1300 for all this and use may Lasercomb as well, or would it be better to purchase my own products and just use my Laser Comb?

    I have also had a quote from the Belgrave Center for £259 per quarter, for Minoxidil with added Medroxyprogesterone, and Propecia.But I think Icould probably buy that package for cheaper on it's own.

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    Default Hairmax use with other products

    Hi mbchepburn -

    Thank you for your post.

    It sounds like you are about to embark on a Treatment Regimen of a number of products for your hair and we think that you may be getting this recommendation from Belgravia or some other trichology center. Each product tends to have a different mechanism of action so they can synergise treatment.

    We cannot recommend only using the HairMax LaserComb in your particular case, as it sounds like you have had some expert help in treating your condition with a number of products for a multiple effect. Our recommendation is to follow the instructions you have been given. Using the HairMax between in-office laser treatments can help in your fight against hair loss - it certainly will do no harm.

    We wish you success in your regimen and with the HairMax LaserComb.


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