That sounded almost like a movie title. LOL!

Hi Guys,

I just purchased the Laser Comb through your website, and I am excited but a bit nervous about the shedding. I have thick hair, but I am starting to see some thinning (more like patches) on the back and it appears to be receding around the temple area. I feel lucky that I have a full head of hair for a 40 year old, but I am very active, eat healthy, and I have been taking nutritional supplements since my early 20's.

I color my hair (only on the sides) to cover the greys twice a month. I use a product from Whole Foods that is very mild (Naturcolor with 3% hydrogen peroxide). Will the hair color interfere with the laser treatment?

Also, I read for best results the scalp must be clean, so I am assuming I should shampoo the hair and not use any hair products (gels etc.) before using the laser. What about conditioners? Can I use the shampoo and the conditioner before the treatment, or do conditioners have anything in them that might interfere with the treatment?