I just wanted to join this site to read other experiences with the lasercomb. I fully understand that the treatment will vary from person to person and I am also aware that there is no treatment in the entire world for anything that works on each and every person straight across the board. I have done an enormous amount of research on this device as well as other methods of hair loss treatments.

I am young, 26, and suffer from very mild thinning. I have no bald patches but I have thinned within the last few years. I have chosen to tackle this problem young and aggressively so that I hopefully have the best chance for results.

I am taking a natural approach. I am heavily involved in fitness and have a very clean and balanced diet. Also, I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I am currently taking natural DHT blockers such as saw palmetto, betasitosterol as well as a variety of herbs that I came across while researching chinese medicine. I am a firm believer that this can be beat naturally without the use of medication.

I plan on following my lasercomb treatment by the book. I will be extremely patient as I know it is unrealistic to expect my hair to recover in a matter of weeks or even months. I think when it comes to that topic common sense should prevail.

Of all the hair loss remedies and the countless articles, youtube videos, testimonials I have found that there is far more good about the hairmax than bad. It is obvious that there will always be skeptics and people with negative things to say about it because everyones experience and biology as well as hair loss issue is different.

My best advice to anyone is use common sense. Spend the time and do the research, educated yourself on treatments available.

I also need to point out that I have read many posts (not only from this site) of people who believe this is a scam as well as a corroborated set-up to deceive the public. From a logistical standpoint it would be next to impossible for lexington to grease the pockets of the countless doctors, media outlets, forum posters etc who have had good results.

Anyways today is day 1 and I am looking forward to the next 6 months. I will point out that my "natural" approach to blocking dht seems to work. I have recently added ginko biloba and grape seed extract to promote blood flow as well as promote hair growth.

Good luck to you all.