Hello, I'm a 44 years old woman and since 3 years, I've been loosing my hair. I have a Basedow thyroid problem wich is controlled since almost 1 year and a half. I recently went to Hairfax to consult and to have any idea on my hairloss. They told me that I was suffering of a medicinal problem which as effects on my hairloss ( hyperthyroid, stress, medic, and hormonals disorder because of my age). The only alternative solution was the hairmax lasercomb and not knowing how it will works in my case but, they will follow me every 6 months. Now, I just want to know if there is any women with big hairloss have been using the Hairmax lasercomb and having succes with it. I bought the hairmax lasercomb and treated my hair since last week and I am positive about it even if I'm feeling depressed cause I've been trying so many products to help the hairloss without any changes. Thank you

P.S. Sorry for my english cause I'm from Montreal.