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Thread: Does the lasercomb need to touch my scalp?

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    Default Does the lasercomb need to touch my scalp?

    Hello together,

    I've been using the lasercomb for about 3 months.
    At the moment it's hard to say for me if it got better, although some people say so.

    But at the moment i have another problem.
    In addition to the thinning hair issue, my skin seems very red and irritated at the moment, and there is also some itching, which becomes worse after using the lasecomb on my skin directly.

    So my question is:

    Is it possible and useful to use the comb without actually touching the scalp?

    I'd simply "irradiate" my hair and the scalp without brushing. Is this okay?

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    Default Proper use of the hairmax lasercomb

    Hi auxilium -

    Thank you for your post.

    It is possible that you are using the HairMax incorrectly which is causing irritation to your scalp.

    The HairMax teeth on the device are designed to part the hair to let the laser energy reach the scalp. They are not there to be used as a general comb, but rather to part the hair where you have hair loss for each 4 second treatment. We suggest that you if you believe that the teeth are causing irritation, that you use the HairMax on one part of your effected hair, then lift the device off of your scalp and part the hair with the teeth in another area so that the teeth do not irritate the scalp from being used as a comb. Alternatively, you could remove the teeth from the HairMax, and part the hair with your fingers and then apply the HairMax without the teeth to the effected areas.

    As for the itching, you might want to buy an anti-itch product for your hair to use together with the HairMax.

    Finally, you should assure that the products you are using along with the HairMax are not causing irritation by containing sodium laurel sulfate, etc. that are known irritants.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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