I am in week 9 of my treatment and I am pretty sure I am seeing some results. I have monitored my hair throughout the years and am seeing some growth of smaller, darker hairs in the front of my hairline. I also have a ton of small velous hairs all over because my hairloss is not too severe and I do still have my full hairline. From what I have read around the web, I am a strong candidate for laser therapy.

However, I do have some questions.

first of all, the new smaller, thinner hairs that are growing on my hairline arent as thick as my terminal hair. Will the continued use of the lasercomb thicken those new hairs over time? I am assuming that they will need to grow in, fall and regrow thicker and repeat that process to return to normal size??

Also, I constantly come across articles online selling other brands of laser combs that state that hairmax is one laserbeam that is reflected off a mirror and all the others are true lasers. I would assume that the laser comb is 7,9 or 12 individual lasers.

finally, I found a laser clinic in Phoenix that seems to be incredibly successful and their site states that it is possible to "over stimulate" the hair follicle and stunt the growth of the new hair.

Your thoughts please.