Lexington is proud to announce that it has expanded the product selection of the HairMax Hair Care Line.

Using 20 years of research and clinical investigation, Lexington has developed a new approach to hair care. Our sulfate free HairMax Hair Care Line of products gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping essential oils. Natural botanicals add shine and manageability to make your hair look fuller, thicker and healthier. We utilize phytic acid, a natural anti-oxidant to lower the pH and dissolve the build-up of oxidative stress layers on the scalp.

Healthy hair growth requires three basic components, 1) a healthy scalp, 2) proper nutrients and the 3) energy required to convert these nutrients into the building blocks of a healthy hair. Our new HairMax Hair Care Line is specifically designed to work in conjunction with HairMax LaserComb laser photo-therapy treatments to synergistically address the needs for each of these essential components of healthy hair.

The HairMax Hair Care Line can be used to enhance hair loss treatment with the HairMax LaserComb or on its own for beautiful, healthy hair.

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