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Thread: delivery to Kuwait

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    Question delivery to Kuwait


    please i am gonna order Hairmax laser comb 7 advanced and i live in Kuwait so i wanna ask about how many days it will take to deliver it to Kuwait ?

    the second question i want to ask about the hair shedding i am so afraid about that coz i already have it so i am afraid to become more after using the hairmax .

    thank you very much
    and your highly responce will be appreciated.


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    Default Hairmax lasercomb distributor

    Hi ibnegypt -

    The distributor who handles sales in Kuwait as our official distributor for the middle east countries is:

    Ala'a M. Nasrallah, Pharm.
    (Sales & Marketing Manager)
    P.O.Box 127104 Jeddah 21352 – KSA
    Tel: +966 2 661 0065/ +966 2 664 2305

    His will handle shipments to Kuwait and while he is free to set his suggested retail price, he is complying with all guidelines as an official distributor.

    As for hair loss, as we have said repeatedly, the HairMax does not CAUSE hair loss - the device only speeds the shedding of the fine vellus hair. So, you may notice initial shedding, but this should eventually stop and you should see growth of thicker terminal hair in its place.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


    Visit the website:
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    Access the HairMax Blog:
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