Hey there, I just started using the comb last week and I have a few question about it. I'd like to start by saying I wasn't entirely sure what section of the forum to put this on, so I'm really sorry if I picked the wrong one. I figured since most of this has to do with what to use with it, how to use it and the effects it could have that it'd be appropriate here. But there are some others mixed in as well, so if it should be moved to "other" I'd understand.

I've been using it every other day. I started last Friday, so I use it 4 times a week instead of the recommended three. I don't do this for any reason relating to the effectiveness of the product, as I know in the booklet it says that you won't get any beneficial or negative results from overuse. It's mainly just for scheduling reasons and helps me remember to actually use it, if that makes any sense. If there are any negative effects from this I'd be grateful to hear about it :P.

My first question is whether or not I'm a good candidate for use. I just turned 20 years old and noticed my hair thinning about a year ago today, but it could've been happening even earlier and I just hadn't noticed. I ignored it until just recently, where it has gotten quite a bit worse. My hair has felt very brittle on the top and I have noticed hair thinning all over. My hairline has receded on the left side of my head and is thinning on the right. I do not have any bald spots or anything, but you can see my scalp if I part my hair in certain places. Naturally it's almost impossible to see, but I'm worried it will progress further as time goes on and am hoping to stop it before that happens.

My second question is if there are any shampoos or conditioners I should use that could help. I currently only wash my hair with shampoo every other day as well. I use Nizoral on the days I am shampooing and wash only my body on the days in between, as I heard that it could be a good idea not to load your hair with shampoo and conditioner every day. I started using Nizoral a week or two before the comb because I've had bad dandruff and nothing else worked. I also always used to have red sores on my scalp and around my hair and Nizoral has gotten rid of all of those problems, so I intend to keep using it every other day for the suggested 8 weeks and then drop to 2 times a week unless the dandruff comes back. Is Nizoral bad to use with the hair comb? Should I use something else? Help would be appreciated.

Another question I have is about the effect it appears to be having already. I cut my hair before I first used the comb because I wanted to make sure ie was able to get enough coverage. When I cut my hair it was, like I said, very brittle on the top of my head. Like I said before as well, I've only used the comb 4 times. The hair on the top of my head now feels significantly better. I've also lost a lot of small hairs I had around my hairline, especially the temple area. It's hard to explain for me, but it looked like a patch of thin and small hairs, but now they're completely gone and I'm worried they're not going to come back; even though they were small they still looked better than an uneven hairline. Was this caused by the comb, or more likely just natural? It seems weird that they'd fall out so quickly together. Is it likely they will come back?

Is it possible for the comb to regrow hair around the hairline and especially temple area? I have an uneven hairline because I seem to have lost hair on one side rather than both at the same time and it's a little frustrating. Currently I doubt anyone could see it just from looking at me and it's just what I notice in the mirror, but it's frustrating for me to see personally and I'm worried it will get worse.

I guess to sum it up I am wondering if it is normal for me to be experiencing stuff like this so early into my use of the comb. Is it just coincidence and something else that I've done? Is it normal for my hair to feel healthier the way it is now? It has made me a little bit skeptical and got me thinking that the results may only be on the surface since results so soon should not happen with hair regrowth and strengthening products, from what I have read. I haven't experienced the former yet, but I'm hopeful regardless of my small amounts of skepticism. Is it possible I am just responding well to the comb and the outlook is bright on hair regrowth?

To clear anything up, I am *only* using the HairMax currently for treating my hair loss. I have never used finasteride or minoxidill in any form, or any other product out there. Once I have used the comb for 20 weeks I am considering adding one of those two products if I am unhappy with the HairMax-only results or feel my hair loss has not stopped.

I know it's a long read, thank you to anyone who might offer me a reply and some advice/answers .