I started using the LaserComb two weeks ago and am having a frightening amount of shedding. When I look at the hairs, I don't see a "bulb"' at the end so I guess the root is not shedding. Is this meaningful? Some of the shedding hair seems "elastic" which I guess is from over processing it. (I'm female, too old to mention here, have grey hair which has been lightened to blonde.) I'm now abandoning home coloring and going to a salon every six weeks so the over processing will stop. I'm worried that the shedding phase will happen but the regrowth won't. Since regrowth at best means only 1/2 inch of hair per month, I'm wondering if cutting my hair short will eliminate the damaged hair and make the "new" hair more obvious. Sorry for all the meandering in this post - I'm just worried.