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    I saw the directions for applying the conditioner saying "massage into the hair only, trying not to coat the scalp." What's the reason to not coat the scalp with the conditioner? I have very short hair, so it is impossible to not coat my scalp when using the conditioner, what do you recommend? Also, does the conditioner, when applied to the scalp, block the laser comb from being more effective? Thank you!

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    Hi hairmaxuser23 -

    Thank you for your post.

    The conditioner is designed to condition the hair not the scalp. However, with short hair, getting conditioner on the scalp is perfectly fine. It will not affect in any way the performance of the HairMax.

    We make this recommendation to distinguish the usage between the other products. The Invigorating Scalp Treatment is just that, a scalp treatment and the conditioner is a hair treatment.

    We make this distinction to help you apply the product where it is most effective and achieve maximal results from use of the products. . We are trying to instruct the user of longer hair to be sure and spread the conditioner from root to tip. (Of course our recommendation is more appropriate for longer hair)

    We hope this answers your question and wish you the best results with our products.


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