Hi there, I'm thinking of paying £1300 (about $2000) for a Laser Hair Treatment Programme which comes with their own approved (they say) Minoxidil, DHT Blockers, Shampoo/Conditioners and 12 Months of In-House Laser Treatment. (No Propecia but I could buy it myself)

I also own a Hair Max Lasercomb, so I'm wondering how the Hairmax combs effectiveness compares to In-House Laser treatment? Is it worth paying the £1300 for all this and use may Lasercomb as well, or would it be better to purchase my own products and just use my Laser Comb?

I have also had a quote from the Belgrave Center for £259 per quarter, for Minoxidil with added Medroxyprogesterone, and Propecia.But I think Icould probably buy that package for cheaper on it's own.