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Thread: Can I use HairMax

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    Default Can I use HairMax


    Have recently come across the HairMax Laser comb and believe it may help with my hair loss.

    Based on the information provided on your site it states "Not recommended for use by men with Norwood Hamilton Classification I, II, Va, VI, or VII". I suffer from Class I and my hair is thinning on top of my head. Could I not use HairMax to thinken or regenerate the hair I still have? I appreciate that the areas where I have lost hair probably won't benefit from this treatment but does it not help to keep the exisiting hair?


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    Default Hairmax indications

    Hi LosingHair -

    Thank you for your post. The HairMax will not only help to regrow lost hair, but will also help you retain what you have. So, our recommendation in your case is to begin use of the HairMax on your entire head, to treat areas where hair is loss (assuming the follicles are still functioning), but to help restore your overall hair health.

    While the HairMax was only studied in the classification of hair loss shown, it is perfectly OK to use the device for thinning hair if you choose.

    We wish you success in your use of the HairMax LaserComb.


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