Hi all,

I've been using the HairMax LaserComb for about 1.5 years now.

Initially I was very pleased with the results but the benefits seemed to decline with time and I thought I must somehow be developing a resistance to treatment (not enough to make me stop though).

Recently I stopped taking fish oil supplements that I had been using to help with an inflammatory condition (~ 6 grams/day as capsules).
Within a few days of stopping, the old benefits of the LaserComb returned with full force: my hair was much 'stronger' again after treatment, just like it used to be.
(Interestingly, I had some shedding as well, just like when I first started.)

I had been taking the supplements for about 8 months, so that fits when I started noticing a decline in efficacy.

I have to state that this does not prove LaserComb + fish oil = bad. I might have had hair problems from taking fish oil regardless of whether I was using the LaserComb or not.

Still, it *may* be that way for *some* people, so this is just a heads up.