Hi Hairmax,

My background is I'm a 28 year old asian male with diffuse thinning - it's getting pretty sparse all over my head, sides included. The only area that still seems full is the very bottom of the back of my head. I've been taking Propecia for 5-6 years or so and feel like it's slowed my loss, but since it was still occurring at a slow rate I decided to try HairMax. My dad is bald, but everyone else on both sides of my family have full heads of hair. They are also still in Vietnam in a tropical environment though, while only my dad, mom and myself have grown up in cold New York.

I have been using HairMax for 10 weeks now. I've definitely lost a lot of the density all over my head. Realistically, I'd say I lost about 20% density. I've got comments from my parents and co-workers that my hair has gotten noticeably thinner very quickly.

The reason I'm skeptical if it's Initial Shedding is because when I part my hair I do not see any signs of new hairs growing. All I see is a much wider gap between my hairs that still remain. It's completely smooth in between the hairs - no roots, no fuzz, nothing... To me it seems like Hairmax may have killed off some of my hairs, without any chance at regrowth (as there are no signs whatsoever - unless it will pop out of nowhere from the smooth skin).

I'm aware that my balding pattern is relatively unique, so I'm guessing HairMax just doesn't work with me. I'm very afraid if I keep using it for the 20 week trial, it'll keep "killing off" hairs. I wouldn't classify it as shedding for this reason - because I don't think there's any chance of regrowing the 20% hairs that I've lost in the past 10 weeks.

Do you have any advice for me? I'm leaning towards returning the product as it seems highly counterproductive... Thanks for your help.