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    I have been receiving "light therapy" at my dermatologist's to help with hair regrowth which resulted from a (suspected) allergy to a colour treatment. My scalp has settled and the dermatologist is pleased with the progress of the light therapy (7 weeks).

    I will be visiting family in Florida for the next ten weeks and will not have access to the light therapy at my Doctor's office. I asked the Dr. about HairMax and whether it would be a good alternative to the light therapy I've been given. He dismissed it as something different than what I was getting at his office...but would not elaborate. I just think that, if HairMax would work as well, it would be easier than trying to locate a dermatogist in my Florida location...aside from the cost incurred (I am from Canada). My Dr. has just said to return to the Light Therapy once I return home. I'm a bit worried about not doing anything at all for ten weeks, especially if I'm making progress...
    Any thoughts?

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