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Thread: Query Regarding Studies

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    Angry Query Regarding Studies

    Here is a link to the studies done by HairMax.

    In these studies ,even the mean hair of people using control device has increased. How could this happen ?
    what is the concept behind people gaining hair using placebo device ??
    and even the hair growth for users of hairmax in that study is not so significant.


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    Default Hairmax clinical studies

    Hi Aman Arora -

    Thank you for your post. The sham or placebo device used in the clinical studies utilized incandescent light which we believe gives off a very mild stimulatory effect on the hair follicles. However, as you can see from the studies, the response was very weak from the placebo and we found that this effect did not occur in all patients. Of utmost importance when looking at the data, is that the hair count represents the AVERAGE respons of ALL subjects to the HairMax and placebo. As you are probably aware, individuals respond differently to any treatment. In fact there were some individuals in the studies who had hair counts greater than 300 hairs per square inch, and there was a very, very few who demonstrated minimal growth.

    The bottom line in looking at the studies, is that the AVERAGE hair count of all subjects in the studies were medically and scientifically statistically significant over those found with the placebo. If you look at minoxidil/Rogaine studies, you will find that the hair counts found in the studies with the HairMax were the same of better, but the HairMax offers an effective non-drug alternative with the convenience of 3 times a week usage, vs. 2 times a day for minoxidil.

    We hope that this has provided an answer to your question and that you will begin treatment with the HairMax LaserComb.


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