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    Lightbulb Please clarify the doubts.


    My Treatment Regime.

    I also do herbal oil application in the night and wash my head with herbal shampoo and then i do the HairMax LC Session.

    Question 1

    A person using hairMax for 6 months and he has got some benefits from it. But as the hair fall cycle repeats he loses some hair (not the newly grown hair by the hair Max), lets consider it is an old hair.

    Would HairMax LC can regrow that hair as well ? if yes, what is the life of follicle ? If a follicle is alive and only the hair has fallen. Then regrowth on that follicle is possible is your theory.

    Question 2

    I'm using HairMax LC for the past Six Months (Every Alternate day in a week). I notice my hair has turned thicker than before, but i have not see any noticable new hair in the crown area. Still do you think there are chances of the hair regrowth in the crown area.
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