I'm on week 11 now using the Hairmax. It pretty much stopped my shedding, which started up last June and have left me very thin. Already at 6 weeks use or so, I noticed lots of tiny hairs sprouting. But as of last week, week 10 my hair started to fall out again and now, this week (11) my hair is coming out in handfuls again!

Big clump of hair in the shower drain, when I blow dry and every time I comb or pull my fingers through it. I'd say I lose about 300 hairs a day since the beginning of week 11, and it doesn't seem to be halting any time soon.

I know it's said that we all can have different onset of the initial, positive shedding. Since I'm frantic, I just need to ask if this really is normal. For how long will this go on? 2 weeks? 3? Longer? At this rate, I will be pretty much bald by week 20!!!

The hairs lost are mainly the thicker, long strands. But I also find some of those short, whispy hairs that I try to see as something positive, if this means they're turning into thicker ones.

I'm not sure what my hairloss in general is due to. Throughout the years I seem to have periods of heavy shedding, my hair goes really thin, then seems to have grown in again, at least in the past. It's never thick though.

I'm actually going to try a gluten free period as of last Tuesday, my mom has gluten intolerance and I know it can be very common and also genetic. And I've heard it can cause diffuse hair loss, not just Alopecia Areata.

Please, I hope you can give me some reassurance. Thank you!